Introducing Frank

Introducing Frank

Name: Frank Byrne
Title: Ireland Sales Manager
Location: County Tipperary, Ireland 
How long have you worked at Teagle?
With Teagle exactly 5 years! August 2017
What was your previous job(s)?
I worked as a Parts Store Manager for a local engineering company. Along with part-time farming. I worked in farm machinery sales and service for several years previously also.
What do you think are the best skills that you bring to your job?
I like to problem solve. When someone calls me, they usually have a problem that they need help to fix. That may be for spare parts, service or a new machine. I try to understand their needs and come up with the best solution I can. I believe that simply lending a helping hand today brings business tomorrow!
What’s your favourite Teagle Machine and why?
It must be the XT Fertiliser Spreader. They are so robust and simple to operate, what's not to like?
I've had one on my own farm for years and it works as well as the day I bought it. 
Why? Because it’s simple, accurate and built to last. They are very popular in Ireland. I'm often jokingly called Mr. XT because more often than not I'm heading down some road with one in the pickup truck!
Tell us a Teagle story (maybe something funny that’s happened, a big achievement, an unusual thing that has happened etc…)
Agricultural shows are a big part of what I do for Teagle and in the early years I was eager to showcase what Teagle had to offer in Ireland.
The National Ploughing Championships is one of our big shows here to attend. As it is held in late September the weather can be a real lottery for the three days it is on. We were in Tullamore County Offaly 2018, and I had put a great deal of effort into our stand setup. Teagle's now Managing Director, Tom Teagle came over to support me over the 3 days. The weather was the hot topic for the week and sure enough Storm Ali hit us at the show.
I had a gazebo at the time as some shelter for us and our brochures. It rained and rained and rained some more. It was so bad that our storage boxes containing brochures started to float around the gazebo. I looked over at Tom standing in his shoes in 3 inches of water and thinking I bet he is glad he made the trip over! This went on all day and the rain continued. 
The show was still busy, and the rain didn't deter people from coming in for a chat. After a while I noticed Tom had disappeared and I thought he has finally had enough and left! While showing a machine to a customer I looked over at a drum Tomahawk that we had on display where I found Tom in the back of it hunkered down with his notebook. I laughed and he said it's dryer than the gazebo!
The next day the wind came and we didn't have to worry anymore about the gazebo getting wet as we found it four stands away in pieces!
What would you like to achieve in the next year?
There is always something new with Teagle and every year there is something new and exciting to sink your teeth into. Our expanding Marketing department is constantly evolving and have new and fresh projects on the go. New product launches and a new range of fertiliser spreaders are a big focus for the coming year.
I would like to continue building on what I have achieved in Ireland to date and with new products coming down the line I have no doubt I will do it.
Describe your typical day…
Usually I start the day on my computer replying to emails and organising what needs to get done. I speak with most of our departments daily to make sure we are up to date with everything.
Depending on the time of year I will generally be heading on farm to demonstrate a machine to a farmer with the support of one of our dealers.
My phone is busy with all types of queries from spare parts to machine sales to advertising and everything in between. I communicate frequently with sales colleagues in other territories to see what's new and is there anything we can improve on in Ireland. 
What are your hobbies or interests outside of work, do you have any skills or talents people don’t know about?
Outside of my Teagle job I farm part-time. I have beef animals and enjoy the slower pace of farming when I'm off. It is great to be involved with farming still, even in a small way, as it allows me to hold a conversation with my customers. In the constantly evolving agricultural sector, farming myself keeps me up to date with what's new. It allows me to understand what a customer needs and to share advice where necessary. 
Think back to when you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to work with my hands! I was always building or breaking something!
I enjoyed farming and machinery from a young age and the environment around me had an abundance of both. This ultimately led to what I do today for Teagle. 
Finish the sentence. On Sunday mornings you can usually find me….
…very much relaxed! I'm a coach on my sons Under 9 hurling team and really enjoy the training and matches that they take part in. In recent years I have tried to be more active in community projects and help out where I can. Sundays are dedicated to my family! 
How do you think your colleagues / dealers would describe you?
I would like to think people that I work with see me as hard working. I see myself as a problem solver more than anything else. I don't let the clock restrict what I do and I am willing to help anyone that needs my help as much as I can. 
I think I am light-hearted in my approach with the people I work with as we are very much a team-player type of company. My philosophy is talk through problems that may arise with the team around me and try to prevent unnecessarily tough situations with solutions. 
I would consider myself very approachable to both colleagues, dealers and customers.

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